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In this section, you'll find answers to common questions about blue light glasses and their benefits. Learn how blue light glasses work, why they are important, and how they can improve your daily life. Whether you're new to blue light glasses or looking to understand more about their advantages, this section provides all the basic information you need

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These questions are related to our shipping policy, how long until you can expect your package and who will be delivering them.

We don't want to stop you from protecting your eyes if you live a bit further away. That's why we ship internationally meaning you can buy our glasses no matter what country you're in!

We are proud to offer FREE UK Shipping on all orders. Our shipping times to the UK averages 2-4 days. Pay for Express Delivery and get early dispatch meaning your glasses could be with you in 1-3 days. Please note also that shipping times do not include unexpected delays such as customs, bank holidays, weather, etc.

We use multiple couriers in order to get your glasses to you as soon as possible! Here in the UK, we use Hermes and Royal Mail depending on their expected arrival times so that you can start protecting your eyes as soon as possible.

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Once we receive your item, as long as the glasses are in original condition we issue your refund right away. This can take up to 72 hours to process back into your bank or PayPal account.

Our products

Some more information on the glasses we sell, feel free to jump on a chat with a member of the team if you have anymore questions.

Blue Light is exactly that: light with blue wavelengths - these can be benefitical during daylight hours however can also lead to sleepless nights and headaches if we recieve too much. Most electronic devices emit blue light which when over-used can lead to many side effects.

Blue light is actually benefitical in the day, it suppresses the production of melatonin allowing us to stay awake which is great. However when it comes to bed-time, a lot of us aren't quite as tired as we would like to be, that's caused by the blue light emitted from our electronic devices. We advise wearing blue light glasses 1-2 hours before you intend to sleep, this will help your body to begin producing melatonin ready to make you sleepy.

We don't have the funcitonality to add your prescription lenses into our frames just yet but hang tight, we're working on it!